Natures Logic cat litter review

Nature’s Logic cat litter review 2021 (In-Depth)

Nature’s Logic all-natural, pine-wood litter is a hit with environmentally aware cat families. The single-ingredient formula doesn’t contain any chemicals and about as dust-free as you’re going to get. But there’s no such thing as a universally celebrated product — even chocolate has its detractors. So let’s take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of Nature’s Logic all-natural pine cat litter.

Nature’s Logic: Brand Overview

As its brand name suggests, Nature’s Logic is on a mission to preserve the Earth. The company doesn’t hide unsavory chemicals under an organic marketing mask; Nature’s Logic is the real deal, exemplified by its motto: “The Way Pet Food Should Be.”

Founded in 2006, the company’s sustainability ethos means it shuns synthetic minerals and vitamins. Nature’s Logic even avoids natural ingredients that are extracted via questionable methods. That said, its commendable goal sometimes comes with a heftier price tag. So if your budget is a bit tight at the moment, Nature’s Logic may not be the best brand for you right now.

So today, let’s dive into an in-depth Nature’s Logic Cat Litter review.

Nature’s Logic All-Natural Cat Litter

Unlike other brands with organic cat litter product lines, Nature’s Logic only has one option made of one ingredient: cracked Ponderosa pine.

In short, it’s kitty litter for cat caretakers who lean into organic lifestyles — the folks who are extra tender with Mother Nature. Forget the additives and powders, Nature’s Logic cat litter is a bag of kiln-dried, pine-wood pellets. That’s it.

But simplicity can have its drawbacks. In this case, it translates to a lack of clumping and hardcore odor control. If you’re accustomed to clumping litter, this is not for you.

If you gag at the scent of a natural pet refuse mixed with a hint of a forest, again, Nature’s Logic cat litter may not be for you.

Bluntly speaking, its main purpose is to give cats a natural spot to bury their droppings indoors. And though the product has a fresh pine scent, it’s not strong enough to completely cover the smell of cat poop and pee.

Some people do, but it’s not the wisest move to use Nature’s Logic litter with Breeze boxes and automatic cleaning setups. For starters, it doesn’t clump, which messes up most automated litter systems. Plus, the size of the wood pellets has caused jams in some machines. But hey, on the bright side, you can throw it on the compost, no problem!

Pros of Nature’s Logic All-Natural Cat Litter

  • As all-natural as it gets
  • Compostable material
  • Very low dust

Possible Cons* of Nature’s Logic All-Natural Cat Litter

  • Doesn’t clump
  • Doesn’t cover odors all the time
  • Some cats may not like the consistency of the pellets

*I say “possible cons” because some people might find these features beneficial.

Nature’s Logic All-Natural Cat Litter FAQ

I’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions for this Nature’s Logic cat litter review. If you don’t see the answer to your question below, shoot me an email, and I’ll dig into it.

A Lot of Litters Claim to Be All-Natural but Aren’t. Is That the Case With Nature’s Logic Pine Cat Litter?

It’s not a marketing ploy. Nature’s Logic cat litter is organic as it comes. The formula is 100 percent pine-wood that’s been kiln-dried. There isn’t a hint of silica, bentonite, or any other questionable chemical. Plus, no strip-mining, a destructive practice, is involved in its manufacturing pipeline.

How Much Nature’s Logic All-Natural Cat Litter Should I Put in the Litter Box?

Like most cat litters — natural or synthetic — two or three inches in the pan does the trick. Sifting boxes work well with all-natural pine litter because the soiled pellets erode and sink to the bottom, making clean up much quicker.

Is Nature’s Logic Cat Litter Lightweight?

Nature’s Logic cat litter is lighter than clay options, but it’s heavier than most paper-based ones.

Can I Flush Nature Logic’s Kitty Litter?

Even though brands use “flushable” as a selling point — including Nature’s Logic — flushing cat feces is never a good idea because it’s frequently filled with the Toxoplasma gondii parasite, which causes Toxoplasmosis in humans. Toxoplasmosis-ridden refuse flushed down a toilet can infect the public water system and ultimately lead to widespread contagion. The threat is real, so many local governments forbid the flushing of cat poo.

It’s fine to flush urine refuse, but Nature’s Logic doesn’t clump — so isolating urine for flushing isn’t practical.

The best disposal option for used pine litter is composting.

My Cat Has Severe Allergies. Is Nature’s Logic Cat Litter Truly Dust Free?

Is Nature’s Logic litter truly dust-free? Over the years, I’ve learned that one person’s dust-free is another person’s dust nightmare. It’s one of the few things on which the cat-loving world cannot agree. As far as Nature’s Logic litter goes, some people swear it’s the best low-dust option on the market. Other folks incredulously balk at anyone who agrees.

So there’s no right answer to the question. It requires a personal trial.

Can I Use This All-Natural Litter for My Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, and Rabbits, Too?

Yes, Nature’s Logic cat litter can be used for other small pets, including ferrets and rabbits. Some folks don’t recommend using it with guinea pigs; others disagree. You know your guinea pig best, and the choice is yours.

I’ve also heard of people using it for new puppies’ late-night needs.

Can I Use Nature’s Logic Cat Litter in a Breeze Box or Other Automated Litter System?

Wood-pellet litter isn’t ideal for automatic litter boxes, like the Breeze. The individual pieces are sometimes too large and clog the box mechanics. A lot of folks swear by sifting litter boxes when using Nature’s Logic.


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