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Naturally Fresh Cat Litter Review 2024 (In-Depth)

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Brand Overview

For this Naturally Fresh Cat Litter Review, on a 5-star rating system, I believe the brand merits 4.8. The entire product line is non-toxic, sustainable, and biodegradable. It offers superb odor control. Surprisingly, it has a soft texture, gentle on tender cat paws.

As a premium brand of cat litter, Naturally Fresh is reasonably priced. Plus, walnut-based cat litter lasts longer than traditional types. Less frequent litter replacement can save you money.

This brand is a fibrous cat litter, made in the US from crushed walnut shells. Of the seven formulations currently sold, six are clumping types. This kind creates a firm ball or “clump” when it contacts moisture, facilitating scooping.

Most of the products come in bag sizes of 14 lb and 26 lbs. Below are five beneficial qualities of this eco-friendly brand.

Walnut fiber is kind to kitty paws

Walnut-based cat litter has a soft texture, similar to ground coffee. It’s also dark-colored, like dirt. As you may know from experience, some cats favor garden and houseplant soils. This tendency is inherent, coded in their genes. Since walnut litter resembles dirt, it’s a worthy substitute.

Making walnut litter conserves natural resources

Most traditional cat litters come from silica or clay, involving strip mining. This aggressive practice kills trees while disrupting wildlife habitats. The mining equipment erodes soil and pollutes the air we breathe. Meanwhile, it contaminates our groundwater, lakes, and rivers. Plus, clay and silica take eons to decompose.

Walnut shells are a renewable resource, causing no planetary harm. Furthermore, they’re biodegradable, breaking down quickly into their natural elements.

Naturally Fresh takes sustainable cat litter one step further! All the bags in its line are Number 7 plastic, a type you can recycle.

Therefore, with every purchase, you’re supporting conservation efforts.

This brand is non-toxic to people and cats

Both clay and silica cat litters are treated with additives to facilitate clumping. They may also have synthetic chemicals to combat the smell of cat waste. Common odor maskers include deodorizers, perfumes, and other artificial fragrances.

Since their effects on felines haven’t been studied, it’s unknown whether they’re risky for cats. Still, research confirms that synthetic fragrances are hazardous for us. Such chemicals can impair our hormones and reproductive function. They’re also suspect for causing diabetes, neurological disorders, and certain types of cancer.

Since Naturally Fresh cat litter is toxin-free, it doesn’t pose these health risks.

Walnut-based cat litter has excellent odor control

Walnut fiber effectively absorbs the smells of cat urine and feces. So, it needs no help from synthetic fragrances. It’s also lightweight and grainy. These properties make it easy for cats to bury their waste, further reducing unpleasant smells.

Walnut fiber streamlines litter box clean-up

Naturally Fresh comes from the crushed inner membranes of walnut shells. As mentioned, the fibers soak up the moisture in cat waste, forming clumps. This makes scooping easier.

Naturally Fresh Product Line

1. Multi-Cat

This formula is the newest version for a feline family. According to the manufacturer, it nullifies smells better than Ultra Odor Control, the original Multi-Cat litter. Credit goes to the “proprietary malodor counteractant,” although unspecified. You can distinguish this product from other Multi-Cat types by its red label.


  • Thwarts both fecal and urine smells.
  • Unscented.
  • Has the softest texture in the product line.
  • Clumps fast.


  • The soft granules track more than the other formulas.

2. Quick-Clumping

In this product, a special plant-based binding agent renders accelerated clumping. In laboratory testing, the material clumps faster than clay. So, this particular formula might expedite litter box cleaning.


  • Unscented.
  • Clumps speedily, within 15 minutes.


  • Zaps urine smell more than fecal odor.

3. Multi-Cat Ultra Odor Control

A yellow label identifies this cat litter, banishing odors with moisture-activated enzymes. Frankly, it seems more effective than the new Multi-Cat formula. Perhaps this benefit comes from its different blend of walnut fiber.


  • Eradicates the smells of feces, urine, and ammonia.
  • Unscented.
  • Clumps pronto, faster than the red-labeled version.


  • None.

4. Multi-Cat Alpine Meadow Scent

The flowery scent of this litter is light, courtesy of herbs and other aromatic plants. You may find the fragrance delightful, but your kitties may not. Preventive Vet urges cat owners to buy unscented cat litter since most felines take issue with synthetic aromas.


  • Very absorbent.
  • Clumps well.
  • Good odor control.


  • Iffy whether your cats will accept the fragrance.
  • Tracks heavily.
  • Costs more than the unscented ones.

5. Herbal Attraction

Does your cat refuse to use a litter box? If so, and your vet pronounces them healthy, this product may usher a breakthrough. Herbal Attraction contains aromatic plant extracts and herbs with proven cat appeal. It’s widely sold at pet stores, a sign of popularity.


  • Designed for cats of all ages.
  • Clumps fast.
  • Outstanding odor control.
  • Can lure a resistant kitty to their litter box.


  • None.

6. Natural Training

If you have a kitten, don’t buy this product! Since the material clumps, it’s an intestinal hazard for kittens. That’s because baby cats tend to eat cat litter.

As mentioned, when clumping litter touches liquid, it forms a compact ball. While this makes scooping easier, an ingested mass can block a kitten’s digestive tract.

The greatest risk applies to kittens less than 4 months old. At this age, they’re most prone to nibbling foreign objects, out of curiosity.

This Natural Training formula is especially dangerous. It’s treated with alluring herbs, drawing kittens to investigate the fascinating smell.


  • None.


  • Ingestion can be fatal for kittens.

7. Non-Clumping Pellet Litter

Naturally Fresh designed this product for cats and other small pets, such as ferrets, gerbils, rabbits, and puppies. The pellets are tubular, small, and soft. The material cannot form clumps or lodge in pet fur. Check out the following list of positives!


  • Suited to felines of all ages.
  • Highly absorbent.
  • Unscented.
  • Fabulous odor control, even with cats who don’t bury their waste.
  • Low-tracking.
  • Won’t stick to the fur of long-haired cats.
  • Safe for kittens, with no risk of intestinal blockage.
  • Shouldn’t bother felines with asthma and allergies, being dust-free.
  • Ideal for post-surgical cats, having a low risk of disturbing their stitches.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Less easy to scoop than clumping types.

Buying Tip

While comparing prices on various websites, I noticed a labeling discrepancy.

Older bags of Naturally Fresh may show a Blue Buffalo logo. That’s because, originally, the Blue Buffalo Company marketed Naturally Fresh. In 2018, Eco Shell, the brand manufacturer, acquired the selling rights. So, newer bags of Naturally Fresh don’t have the Blue Buffalo logo.

Further Precautions

Nut Allergy – Anyone allergic to nuts shouldn’t handle this cat litter. The walnut residues on the crushed shells could trigger an allergic response.

Asthma – Naturally Fresh describes all its products as “virtually dust-free.” Still, crushed walnuts emit fine dust, similar to clumping clay litter. If you or your cat have asthma, only consider the Non-Clumping Pellet Litter, which is genuinely dust-free.

Technical Hazard – If your kitty uses an automatic litter box, the softer products in this line could jam the mechanism. Depending on the litter formula, the clumps can be fragile, breaking into small pieces.

Product Disposal – Do you practice composting? If so, I salute you! Still, do not compost used sustainable litter, as feline waste can contaminate groundwater. That’s because cat feces harbors parasites and disease-carrying bacteria.

Final Assessment

The Formulas

The manufacturer describes each product as being non-tracking and dust-free. However, these traits apply to just one formula — the Non-Clumping Pellet Litter.

Next, here are my thoughts on certain products. They apply to three types of cat parents — those with either a kitten, a mature cat, or multiple felines.

Kitten Owner

Don’t buy the Natural Training cat litter, a clumping formula. If your precious cutie eats it, a resulting mass might block their digestive tract, which could be fatal.

Mature Cat Parent

In my opinion, two formulas are most advantageous for both you and Kitty — Herbal Attraction and the Non-Clumping Pellet Litter.

You might try Herbal Attraction if your cat ignores their litter box. The natural scent is mild, and cats appear to like it. Since this formula produces clumps, it aids clean-up.

The Pellet Litter suits felines of all ages, including kittens. Plus, it’s least likely to cause trouble for cats with long fur, asthma, allergies, and those recovering from surgery. The only drawback is the scooping difficulty.

Cat Family Owner

For you, I suggest trying both Multi-Cat unscented formulas. See which one gives better odor control. Frankly, the original version seems more effective than the newest one. Also, note whether your cats have a preference.

However, if you have automatic litter boxes, I recommend Multi-Cat Ultra Odor Control, bearing the yellow label. It has a firmer texture than the red-labeled newcomer. Therefore, it’s less likely to clog the sifting mechanism for your litter boxes.


I’m eager to hear your experience with Naturally Fresh. Beneath the title of this article, there’s a “Leave a Comment” link. Please use it to send me your feedback!

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