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Fresh News Cat Litter Review 2021 (In-Depth)

Fresh News is an environmentally-friendly cat litter. It is made from 100% recycled paper, is biodegradable, and can be composted. Fresh News is good for cats and humans with respiratory issues as it is low-dust. The litter is low-tracking, unscented and does a good job absorbing moisture. However, the litter does not effectively control litter box odor. And the non-clumping nature of Fresh News makes scooping the litter box a challenge.

As a loving pet parent, you want to do everything you can to make your cat happy. Though maintaining the litter box is usually the most unpleasant part of owning a cat, finding a litter you and your kitty are happy with can make a tremendous difference in how you feel about the litter box.

Fresh News is one type of natural cat litter available for purchase on the market today, but how does it measure up in terms of odor control, tracking, clumping ability, dust, and availability? Please continue to read this Fresh News cat litter review to find out.

What is Fresh News Cat Litter?

There are different types of natural cat litter available on the market today. They can be made with corn, wheat, walnut, pine, or paper. Fresh News is a natural litter made with 100% recycled paper.

Not only does the manufacturer receive a recycled paper from recycling centers, but the company also runs its own PaperGator Recycling Program.

Non-profit organizations in certain areas of Michigan and Indiana can participate in the PaperGator Recycling Program. Non-profit organizations collect recyclable paper in PaperGator bins, which are regularly scheduled for pick up. Non-profits participating in the program receive a check for the recyclable paper they collect.

Recyclable paper from the PaperGator Relying Program is taken to one of two recycling centers, BPV Environmental, located in Byron Center, Michigan, or Quincy Recycling, located in New Haven, Indiana. After the paper has been shredded and processed, it’s turned into lawn establishment products, mulch, lawn repair products, dog litter, Fresh News Cat Litter, Fresh News Small Animal Litter, or Fresh News Small Animal Bedding.

Benefits of Fresh News Cat Litter


Fresh News is different from clay cat litter. While clay cat litter is readily available in pet, department, and grocery stores, it has some significant drawbacks. The dust associated with many of these types of litter can cause or exacerbate respiratory problems for both cats and humans.

In addition, most clay cat litters have sodium bentonite, which is the agent that reacts to moisture, causing the cat litter to clump. Unfortunately, it also grows to fifteen times its normal size when it gets wet. This, coupled with the fact that clay litter is not biodegradable, means that this type of litter takes up a significant amount of space in landfills.

It’s estimated that paper products take up 40% of landfill space. One ton of recycled paper saves three cubic yards of landfill space. Fresh News helps the environment by making its litter from 100% recycled paper. Unlike clay litters, Fresh News is biodegradable. It can also be composted and used as mulch.


Fresh News cat litter is 99% dust-free. Low-dust litter is less likely to create or exacerbate respiratory issues in cats and humans. Low-dust litter may be especially beneficial for cats or people who have asthma, chronic bronchitis, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


Litter tracking is one of the most common complaints cat owners have. It doesn’t matter where you keep the litter box, you’ll have litter everywhere – on the floor, in your kitchen, and even in your bed. Some litters get tracked all over the house when they stick to your cat’s paws and fur after she uses the litter box. Some cats also like slinging their litter from the litter box as they bury their business, getting litter all over your floor.

Fresh News cat litter is made to be low-tracking. The pellets are soft and retain their form when they get wet, reducing the amount of cat litter that is tracked around your home by your kitty.

Absorbs Moisture

The litter does a good job of absorbing moisture, absorbing up to three times the amount of moisture clay litters do.


Though cats prefer unscented litter, people tend to use scented cat litters because they believe these litters are good at controlling litter box odors. However, the chemicals in these cat litters just cover up litter box odors similar to the way air fresheners cover up foul smells.

Scented litters may actually cause problems for cats. Litter can stick to your cat’s paws and fur. When your cat licks herself, she may ingest some of the litter on her body. Many of the chemicals used in scented cat litters have not been tested for toxicity.

Fresh News is an unscented, non-allergenic cat litter. Because it does not contain chemicals, it is especially good for people and cats who have respiratory issues.

Drawbacks of Fresh News Cat Litter


Fresh News doesn’t clump, which makes scooping waste more difficult. Some customers say it’s very challenging to separate the used pellets from the clean ones in the litter box because the used pellets mix freely with the clean ones.

Odor Control

Many customers assert this litter is not good at controlling odors, especially with regards to urine. Many of these customers report needing to change the litter more often. Some of them even state that their cats stopped using the litter box and started eliminating in other places instead.


You can readily find Fresh News Cat Litter at several online retailers. Our choice is Fresh News is available in four, 12, and 25-pound bags.

I hope the information provided in this Fresh News cat litter review has been helpful in making a decision on whether or not this litter might be a good fit for you and your kitty.


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