Brian Harvey - the author

Hi, my name is Brian Harvey.

I got my first cat when I was a kid. At that time there was a serious lack of information on the internet. And we were struggling to find the answers to our questions on how to take proper care for our cat – what food to buy, what litter to get, and many other little things that matter when you want to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Then eventually the Internet got populated with loads of information on all things feline. But when I took a closer look I realized that the vast majority of the information was either rubbish or misleading. Which is even worse.

It hurt a lot knowing that the ones who suffer the most from that were not the cat owners. But the cats themselves. At that moment an idea appeared in my head – to create the best source of complete yet well researched information for cat owners to help them take proper care for their beloved pets.

So here we are. The idea came true and I am happy to welcome you on CatlyCat. I really do hope it serves the purpose and you will find here the information you were looking for.